Customizable Website

Elevate your online presence with our customizable website. Our base design is modern and fully functional, and you can choose to customize it further with our additional service. Available in 4 languages, our website comes equipped with automatic SEO features, Google Analytics, and Mailchimp support to help you generate more leads and stay on top of your online marketing game.

Property Management

Stay on top of your real estate portfolio with our powerful property management tool. Keep track of all your properties, tenants, and lease agreements in one place, and access them from anywhere at any time. Our platform is designed to help you respond quickly to customer inquiries and manage your properties with ease.

Search Requests

Organize and manage property search requests with our automatic email notifications. Stay up-to-date with the latest property requests from your customers and respond quickly to their needs. Our system makes it easy to keep track of all your customer interactions and ensure that you're providing the best possible service.

Customers and Real Estate

Get all the information you need about your contacts to offer a personalized service that meets their needs. Our platform allows you to easily manage customer data, track their preferences, and deliver targeted marketing campaigns to maximize your sales potential.


Integrate seamlessly with all the leading real estate portals, including Habitaclia, Idealista, Fotocasa, Pisos.com, BuscoCasa and Pisos.ad. With our platform, you can manage all your listings from one place and reach a wider audience than ever before.


Control your visits and meetings with our built-in calendar. Stay organized and on top of your schedule, and never miss an important meeting or deadline again.


Manage your tasks and annotations from our platform. Keep track of your to-do list and never forget an important task again. Our task management system is designed to help you stay focused, productive, and on top of your game.

Integration with WoHo - Wonderful House

Expand your online reach by publishing your property catalog on your own listing portal, WoHo - Wonderful House. With Real Home CRM, you can effortlessly integrate your listings and showcase your properties to a wider audience than ever before.

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